Every Brand

Is Our Playground

What we do?


Opportunity, Strategy, Action approach is our mission. We count on integrated plan to grow and engage your audiences effectively. We believe in real partnership so we will dive into social platform that will suit you. We offer full 360 degrees approach: from social media advertising and communities to e-mail marketing and boots.


If you're a retailer who's not selling online, you're missing a big piece of cake, worth almost 3,000 billions U.S. dollars. We'll build the store for you, collect leads and turn your online shop visitors into buyers.


"Tell me what brands you are using and I will tell you who you are." First contact with customers is the most important, so do not swear on mediocrity. Your brand is reflected through the website, content, and communication with the target group. Do not forget, every brand is our playground and you are our MVP.


Strong community, strong partnership and wise marketing strategy through the ICO process is the key for successful crowdfunding. And that's what we're the best at.

Rumors about us

Every brand is our playground.

We are colleagues, friends, team. Attracted by knowledge, innovations, inspiration in business and private life. We are young, ambitious and most important – full of energy. We are Brandground.

We are not afraid of technology, we do not succumb to the pressure of the Internet and do not tolerate the dominance of social networks. From the 21st century, we absorb the potential and, in co-operation with modern global opportunities, we help you and your business. We count on hard work and we use incredible talents to raise the visibility and attractiveness of you and your BRAND.

Brandground branding

Work makes us stronger

This is what we have done:

Hi, nice to meet you.

Aljaž Peklaj

Co-Founder/Chief of E-Commerce

Boštjan Vidmar

Co-Founder/Chief of Creative Solutions

Rok Zajc

Co-Founder/Chief of Digital Advertising

Matic Mohar


There is a word on a street...

... that you want to start? We also!

Let’s start together.

With our help, you’ll take your brand to the next level. We are changing  your visitors into buyers and your clients into your brand ambassadors. Together we are expanding and raising your target audience and providing your company with a global scope.

We’d like to invite you on a coffee and crochet while we talk about the new opportunities for growth, learning and spreading horizons.

We dance, We sing, but mostly We write.

Our blog:

Boštjan from Brandground is very accurate and performs his work with great eagerness. He never runs out of ideas and always finds the right solution. I was very pleased with the professionalism. We will definitely cooperate in the future

Maja Mahne, owner


I would not succeed without Brandground. They made visual identity for my company and product. They felt the product and my vision, which contributed to my recognition and sales.

Tiva Svetina, founder

Obris Šport d.o.o

Responsiveness, precision and professional attitude. I recommend these guys to all those who are looking for trusted support and assistance in getting their product on the market.

Mojca, CEO

Movid d.o.o.

Knowledge of the local market, design and advertising brought us many years of cooperation. After more than 3 years of cooperation. I cannot find any bad words for them. I definitely recommend.

Haris Radžo, CEO

Pomaranča 5 d.o.o.