Brandground to Become beglobal Agency

After one year of intense collaboration, the founders of two slovenian agencies – Brandground, specialised for online marketing, and AM Agency, focused on event management – decided to take collboration a step further and created a new agency called beglobal.


Beglobal, as the name says, represents the way company wants to evolve – to become a global trend setter when it comes to digital marketing, online advertising and content marketing. AM Agency will continue to operate as an event management company, while beglobal will try to deliver the highest level of services connected with digital marketing. Beglobal currently consists of 12 specialists for websites & shops, content marketing, online advertising and marketing automation.


All of the co-founders will actively work on development of the agency: Anže Herbst will take care of business development, Mirko Kralj will be responsible for sales Gregor Bobovnik will take over the project management, Aljaž Peklaj will be responsible for clients and its success, Boštjan Vidmar will be representative for digital marketing activities and Rok Zajc will be responsible for new business.


Both agencies became real players both, localy and regionaly as some of known clients are already on board: BTC city, Unichem, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Staropramen, Crunchips and others

Aljaž Peklaj

Aljaž Peklaj

Young entrepreneur with a 5 year history of working in the marketing and entertainment industry. Very passionate about creating new brands from scratch and developing them into strong communities.

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