Instagram Enables “Collection” Ads

As we announced in the late 2017, Instagram is developing their app to adopt to e-commerce brands. Their consumers will be able to shop their their products directly in the app without actually leaving the it.

AdAge shared the news that Instagram is offering brands a new shopping-enabled ad unit. It is no secret anymore that is moving further into the e-commerce space.

Earlier this week, the most popular photo and video sharing app, owned by Facebook, started testing new ads. They will blend videos and product catalogs where consumers can complete purchases without leaving. Same as on Facebook, those ads are called “collection” campaigns. Latest updated on the app might be an indication that soon all other Facebook ad types will be available on Instagram.


Adopting Facebook options

Facebook typically uses its new options as testing grounds before expanding ads and services across the platform. The did the same with Canvas ads, the full-screen, multimedia ad units that began on Facebook and now also run on Instagram.

We already mentioned that Instagram is winning in the battle with Snapchat and e-commerce is becoming a big opportunity there. New collection ads are currently in testing mode and we can expect them to be available in USA first. There is no information on when they are planning to enable product tagging in Europe yet. We are sure that this feature will definitely offer a brand new way of selling for brands.

First brands that had the ability to test the new “collection” ads were Fashion and beauty brands Birchbox and Revolve. More than 200 million people are following fashion related brands. The new feature could have a huge impact on their sales.

Aljaž Peklaj

Aljaž Peklaj

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