Online Advertising

Online advertising is upgrade of previous steps. Website and content marketing are useless without advertising. Our experts will make sure your product or service will reach your target audience.

Steps in Online Advertising

Steps in Online Advertising


We define the strategy together with our client – which product or service is the most important one or have the most sales, which channels we’d like to focus on and who is our target audience. These are basics for the next steps.


After the main product/service is selected and we know who our target audience is, we need to adjust the ad design to them. Ad design is important if we want to stand out and catch the attention of our potential buyers.


Next, we take care of media buying on selected channels where we test different audiences, designs and time of advertising until we find the perfect match. We scale ads which perform well and turn off those which don’t.


After the testing phase we analyse the success of ads and optimise them for better performance. If ad performs well, we only add more budget. In the opposite case we turn the ad off.

Advertising Channels


The biggest social media with more than 2 billions of users all around the world. Advertising on Facebook can bring great results with good predefined strategy.


Currently the most popular social media for users and brands focused on photo and video content. If your target audience are millennials, this is a channel to focus on. They tend to spend most time here.


Advertising on Google network is one of the most effective ones. Why? Because we can reach those people who are looking for exactly what you sell. Beside that, you can reach people on Gmail and Youtube.


The most important channel for companies dealing with B2B sales. Did you know that Linkedin has more active users than Twitter and is right behind Pinterest and Instagram? Use it in your strategy!


Pinterest was mostly popular with female audience in the past, but that changed recently. With having advertising option enabled, Pinterest quickly became one of the most interesting advertising channels for product brands.


Amazon has been growing enormously in the past few years. But how to get your product on first page of their serach engine? How to grow your Amazon web shop visits during the holidays? Let us help you!

Online Advertising Projects