Top 5 Instagram Ads (February Edition)

There’s no secret I’m a big fan of Instagram. No because only Facebook got too spammy with ads, but because Instagram is focused on visual content. And I’m a huge fan of visual content, too. And spending too much time on Instagram on a daily basis (My excuse is always that it’s business related), I often get across interesting ads. There’s when my screenshots came in very handy. Because my camera roll is full of Instagram ads I saw on Instagram lately, I decided to share my top 5 selection of this month with you.

1. Tens

Tens’ ads are simple, easy to understand and attractive. They used pastel background with pair of glasses and they added “TWO for ONE” sing. A customer who sees the add firstly notices the pair of glasses, then the sign and the brand. The ad is highly clickable, don’t you think?


When you see the ad from online store, you know what the ad is about right away – shoes. They put colorful shoes on light background and sign in the middle. Additionally they added “Swipe up” call to action button.

3. Mossepic Watch

Startup company Mosepic Watch used a photo from real life. The ad is a good example of hot you can market your product, because the photo feels more “alive” than the ones from the studio. The product is placed right in the middle of the photo so we notice it right away. They added short text below, describing what the ad is about.

4. Sailbrace

Sailbrace is a good example of how to advertise sales on Instagram stories. Focus is on their product – bracelet. They even showed how the bracelet will be packed when you get it. The price is right above the product and highly visible and exposed – they used previous price, new price and even added the percentage for how much the lowered the price.

5. Standard Wines

Standard Wines is special brand, not only they sell wine in special bottles, but their way of advertising is something to look up to. They created story with Instagram ads that make you swipe up if not even buy one of their bottles. Is it wine time yet?

Aljaž Peklaj

Aljaž Peklaj

Young entrepreneur with a 5 year history of working in the marketing and entertainment industry. Very passionate about creating new brands from scratch and developing them into strong communities.

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