TOP 5 Instagram Ads (May 2018)

After the first edition we decided to make this kind of post on a monthly basis. Maybe the collection of best Instagram ads will help someone to create winning designs and texts for ads on Instagram. After all, Instagram ads are by far most cheap and they get the best results.

Instagram recently expanded their Shopping extension to Europe and more and more brand are deciding to start advertising on this game changing platform.

I’m happy to see some very good ads. It means brands understand how to get the attention. Here are this month’s top 5.


1. Morning Recovery

I don’t know anyone who didn’t get this ad served on Instagram. They won by all means: great product, great story, great design and great targeting.


2. Meller

Meller is on of the most fast growing online brands all due to the one fact. They know what works online and how get to their target audience. You cannot swipe away form their ads, they are simply too good looking. I assume they must have insanely high CTR.


3. Zivi Apparel

To be honest, I’ve never heard for Zivi Apparel before seeing this ad. But the simplicity of this ad was the reason I included them in this month’s post. Simple and strong headliner and eye-catching photo is sometimes all you need.

4. Nokian Tyres

I like this ad from Nokian tyres because they are pursuing two goals – website visits and Instagram followers. What you get by increasing followers? Better reach, which is always good.

5. Balr

Balr is kind of brand that doesn’t need advertising. Everything you put BALR logo on will sell in no time. You put extra 30% discount on that and you are a winner. Baller did exactly that with simple but eye-catching design.

Aljaž Peklaj

Aljaž Peklaj

Young entrepreneur with a 5 year history of working in the marketing and entertainment industry. Very passionate about creating new brands from scratch and developing them into strong communities.

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